Auto Accident Injury Treatment Can Help Your Claim

Car accidents are terrible experiences. Usually, survivors never want to relive this event. However, in the wake of an auto accident, a victim may not know what to do. That’s why searching for an “auto accident doctor near me” is thus a significant first step.

Notably, immediate medical attention increases your chances of a full recovery. In addition, it also determines whether you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. Conversely, seeing a medical practitioner several days after a crash can negatively impact your claim.

Suppose you immediately contact a Spartanburg attorney. They’ll most likely refer you to a Spartanburg injury center. So, how exactly does receiving medical treatment for vehicle collisions help subsequent legal claims?

How Treatment Gaps Can Affect Your Claim

Treatment gaps can kill any personal injury claim. Generally, there are two types of gaps. The first is between the accident date and when you first sought medical attention. For example, suppose you get into a car crash and only see a doctor four months later. This is a treatment gap.

The second occurs when you get immediate medical care. However, several weeks or months pass before following up with your doctor. Whatever the case, treatment gaps are bad for your claim. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to avoid paying claims.

So, they can make several conclusions from treatment gaps. For example, the insurer may say that:

  • Your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim
  • Your injuries didn’t result from the car accident
  • The wounds are from pre-existing conditions
  • Not receiving medical treatment worsened minor injuries

Therefore, it’ll be best to avoid all forms of medical treatment gaps.

How Can Medical Treatment Help Your Spartanburg Auto Accident Claim?

Physical and emotional injuries are the primary consequences of collisions. So, a medical trip helps link your wounds to the crash. An injury doctor will document all the relevant details of your injuries, and the documentation forms your medical records.

Examples of contents of your medical records include:

  • X-ray films and interpretation
  • CT scans
  • Your doctor’s notes
  • Prescription orders
  • Receipts of medical and pharmaceutical bills

These details show how much you suffered from the crash. In addition, they show how much money you spent consequently. Notably, your attorney can base your claim solely on your medical records.

In some cases, you may need medical experts to explain technical issues. We mean that your doctor can testify in your favor. Therefore, without medical attention, you will lose crucial evidence.

Are There Legitimate Reasons for Treatment Gaps?

Yes, sometimes treatment gaps are inevitable. For example, you may go home after a severe accident and can’t leave home for the hospital. Similarly, accident victims who live alone may be unable to book medical appointments themselves. Treatment gaps in both cases may thus be inevitable.

Having a demanding job may also mean that you don’t have all the time for medical trips. This will especially be the case if it’s a minor injury. A minor pain that gets worse later may also warrant a delay. Whatever the case, it’s best to explain these delays to your physician.

If it’s a medical reason, they can conduct verifying tests. Their conclusions on why you couldn’t get treatment will protect your accident claim. Similarly, you can inform your lawyer of any other reasons. An excellent attorney can then source supporting evidence.

Spartanburg auto accident doctor

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Medical Treatment

Visiting a doctor isn’t all you need to do to protect your accident claim. Instead, you must be intentional and active during such meetings. The tips below can help you.

Provide Details of Your Medical History

Medical doctors are handicapped without your medical history. For example, they wouldn’t know what treatments you tried that didn’t work. In addition, physicians wouldn’t know if you’re allergic to any drugs.

Therefore, it’ll be best to inform your injury doctor of crucial facts such as:

  • Previous illnesses
  • Medication history
  • Whether you’ve had a surgery
  • Details of drug reactions or allergies
  • Similar pre-existing conditions
  • Accurate timeline of your health challenges

With these pieces of information, your doctor can then prepare your medical record.

Be Honest With Your Doctor

Doctors and lawyers are two professionals you should never lie to because they rely heavily on the information you provide to help you. Therefore, it’ll be best to tell your physician exactly how you feel from the injuries. Let’s assume you have pre-existing wounds on the same spot.

Then, it would help if you also told them. They can separate your current pain from past injuries in your medical records. Reading through your medical records is also essential. So, you can notice any errors your doctor made and ensure they didn’t omit crucial details.

Do Not Return to Work Without Your Doctor’s Clearance

Auto accident injuries often keep victims off work for some time. Missing work thus means that you may lose your paychecks. Therefore, the temptation to resume your job is high. However, going back to the office or factory without your doctor’s permission is terrible.

Firstly, such sudden resumption can subvert your recovery progress. Furthermore, the insurance company can argue that you wouldn’t be able to work if your condition was terrible. Therefore, it’ll be best to wait until your doctor declares you medically fit to resume work.

An excellent attorney can always get your lost wages as compensation. However, going back to work too soon may lead to you losing your damages.

Following Your Spartanburg Injury Doctor’s Instruction is Vital

Obeying your health care provider is crucial, and disregarding their instructions can negatively affect your recovery. Unfortunately, however, your compensation claim can suffer a similar fate. Insurance companies look for every possible reason to avoid paying out accident damages.

Suppose they can’t blame you for your crash and injuries. Then, they’ll check whether you worsened your conditions after the auto accident. Moreover, disobeying your doctor can worsen your injuries. On the other hand, suppose you ignore your physician’s guidelines, and you appear fine.

Then, the insurer can argue that your injuries were never severe and pay you a lower settlement. Therefore, it’s best to always cooperate with your medical doctor. If you aren’t comfortable with an instruction, get a second opinion. This is better than disregarding your physician.

Can I Get Help From an Auto Accident Doctor Near Me?

Did you or a loved one recently survive a car crash? If so, then it’ll be best to visit a qualified physician. Amongst the many benefits of early medical care, your increased chances of winning a significant settlement top the list. Therefore, booking an appointment with the best injury care center in Spartanburg, SC, is the best move.