Back Pain: 5 Pool Exercises That Help With It

Over the years, pool exercises have proven to relieve back pain effectively. Exercising in a pool provides a weightless and low-impact pain-easing experience, which is why any experienced chiropractor for pain in Greenville, SC, recommends it.

Thanks to the active resistance of water, pool exercises are stress-free and are more effective than outside-the-pool exercises. However, not all pool exercises work for back pain. We’ll discuss five pool exercises that help ease back pain. Before that, let’s identify what type of pain you are dealing with.

Types of Back Pain

Back pains steal your comfort and limit your ability to move around. However, we can typify them in three ways, based on the duration of symptoms.

Acute Back Pain

If you have acute back pain, then it means that the pain started all of a sudden. Acute back pain could last for a few days or weeks, depending on its severity. However, symptoms rarely last for more than six weeks.

Sprains or strains of soft tissues at the back are the usual causes of acute back pains. These soft tissues include tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Therefore, acute back pain mostly affects the lower back.

Without the guidance of a licensed and experienced chiropractor, people with acute back pain are at risk of worsening the condition. Also, contrary to popular belief, resting for more than two days isn’t good for persons with acute back pain.

Subacute Back Pain

Subacute back pain can occur suddenly or gradually. Symptoms of this type of back pain typically last between four and twelve weeks. Some common causes of subacute back pain include spinal arthritis, herniated or bulging disks, and spinal stenosis.

Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is chronic when it develops over time and lasts more than three months (or 12 weeks). Anywhere from the back of the neck to the base of the spine is susceptible to this back pain. Chronic back pain may also disappear for a short while and resurface unexpectedly.

Some common causes of chronic back pain include bad posture, multiple and repeated rounds of heavy lifting, and muscle deconditioning. Also, chronic back pain may accompany aging and high-impact occurrences such as road accidents, slips, and falls.

When Should You Call a Chiropractor for Back Pain in Greenville?

In everyday living, it’s normal for the back to hurt once in a while. But it takes some extra knowledge to identify back pains beyond the ordinary. So if you notice back pain and are unsure whether to call for help from a chiropractor, you should look out for any of these symptoms.

Weakness, Numbness, or Tingling

Back pain can come with weakness and loss of feeling, which may lead to pain relievers. Also, you might feel a tingling similar to a needle or pin pricking.

The Pain Intensifies at Certain Position

Back pain may worsen when you take certain positions, like sitting or lying down. This signifies that the condition is serious enough to require professional help.

You Notice the Pain After You’ve Had an Accident

The majority of back pains are a direct consequence of accidents. So no matter how minor the impact, if you’ve been involved in a car crash, fell from a height, or slipped, see a chiropractor for pain in Greenville.

Pain Lasts for More Than a Few Days

Back pains mostly betray their seriousness by how long they stay around. Once back pain persists for more than five to seven days, you should seek professional help.

Chiropractic Care and Pool Exercises

For many persons with back injuries, chiropractic care is the first treatment option. The reasons are pretty convincing.

Non-invasive treatment has proven to be super effective in treating back pain. A scientific study has shown that chiropractic care or spinal manipulation is responsible for significant improvements in acute low back pain. Another scientific report by the American College of Physicians advises persons with back pains to explore non-invasive treatment options before their medical alternatives.

When you visit a chiropractor for back pain, they will most likely recommend pool exercises.

5 Pool Exercises for Back Pain

Do you want to end the excruciating pain and discomfort from back pains? Then you need to try out these five pool exercises. You may need to carry your goggles, towel, and other materials.

  • Walking

Walking is a good way to begin your pool exercise session. This basic exercise helps get your body acquainted with the water. Simply walk to and fro the pool, first keeping most of your body out of the water. Then, you can get more of your body underwater with each lap.

Your body faces more resistance as you get more of it beneath the water surface. So it’s best to start slow and gradually increase your pace. You can take the exercise a notch higher by switching to jogging after a while.

  • Superman Stretch 

The Superman Stretch is one of the best exercises to kickstart your session. First, get a hold of the pool’s edge with your two hands, keeping your shoulders apart as much as possible. Afterward, lift your legs backward and let them float. This exercise strengthens the lower back and provides relief to its muscles.

  • Leg Lifts

To perform a leg lift exercise, you must stand on one leg while raising the other. Start by raising your knees first before extending your legs. Keep the raised leg as straight and high up as possible.

You can hold the wall of the pool if you need some support. Then repeat the process with the other leg. Finally, try pulling each of your legs to waist level. This exercise frees up your lower back by strengthening your hips.

  • Underwater Squatting

Squatting underwater provides relief to both your upper and lower back. To perform this exercise, start by standing erect, placing your feet away from each other sideways.

Then squat gradually while ensuring your knees keep as close to ninety degrees as possible. Breathe in as you go down, and breathe out as you come back up. Repeat this exercise multiple times.

  • Knees to Chest

The knees-to-chest exercise involves bending your knees slightly as you stand. Afterward, raise the knees of one leg high up to your chest level and down again. Repeat this process by raising the other knee. Your back will be relieved after this exercise.

Talk to Expert Chiropractors for Pain in Greenville

Pool exercises are crucial to quick healing if you are determined to put your back pain behind you. However, as you take the step, you will need the guidance and assistance of licensed and qualified chiropractors.

Carolina Spine and Pain Center is where you will find the best chiropractors and doctors for auto accident injuries in Greenville, SC. We will hold your hand through the process, showing you what exercises are best for your back pain. So contact us today to begin your healing journey and get expert advice.