Brachial Plexus Block Injection

Summary of Procedure: Brachial Plexus Block Injection

A Brachial Plexus Block Injection is a minimally invasive procedure used to relieve pain in the arms, shoulders, or hands. A brachial plexus block is a quick procedure that is usually administered with local anesthetic only. Some patients may opt for sedation with this procedure if they struggle to relax.

A small needle is used under fluoroscopy (live x-ray) to administer the medication to the appropriate area. Oftentimes brachial plexus injuries are sustained as the result of accidents, injuries, birth defects, and even inflammation.

Some patients may experience other symptoms aside from pain, such as numbness, weakness, and even a burning feeling due to this condition.

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What to Expect Post-Procedure of a Brachial Plexus Block Injection

Patients will be monitored closely for a period in the recovery room post brachial plexus block to ensure they are safe and ready to leave. Typically, patients feel relief within 10-15 minutes post-procedure. Patients will be given specific post procedure instructions to follow after their injection.

It is important not to do any heavy lifting with that arm for 12-24 hours since some patients may experience temporary weakness. Most patients should also abstain from driving or using heavy machinery for a day or two post procedure. Most patients can expect to experience anywhere from 6 and 12 months of significant pain relief from this procedure.

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