Recovering After a Car Accident: Treatment Options in Greenville, SC

Car accidents can cause many types of injuries, some of them life-threatening. After receiving emergency medical care and being pronounced out of danger, you should consider car accident injury treatment in Greenville, SC at Carolina Spine & Pain Centers.

Our multidisciplinary team will help you find relief from pain while applying effective treatments and therapies to help you make a full recovery. The most important things for us are your safety, well-being, and ability to return to your everyday life as soon as possible.

You Must Seek Medical Treatment Immediately After a Car Accident

After a car crash, evaluating your condition and the severity of your injuries is difficult. The adrenaline rush after the impact can block pain for several hours.

Thus, you should ask for an ambulance or go to the nearest ER or hospital for emergency treatments and diagnostic tests. Many severe injuries are not visible at first sight, such as:

However, these injuries can quickly worsen or even become fatal if they are left untreated. Moreover, from our experience working with car accident victims and their lawyers, we know that delaying medical care may also hurt your chances to recover damages from the at-fault driver.

Car Accident Injury Treatment in Greenville, SC

At our center, we treat patients, not just injuries and conditions. We focus on your complete recovery and rehabilitation using minimally invasive and effective treatments.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care can reduce pain and improve your mobility after a car accident.

This therapy involves manipulations of the spine and joints with the purpose of realigning them and reducing inflammation and pain. It does not involve any kind of medicines, only the specialist’s hands expertly manipulating parts of your body injured in the accident.

Medication Management

Our doctors may prescribe medicine based on the severity of your pain, any allergies you have, and other medications you take. We will monitor your doses very carefully and seek alternative pain management options if you are not getting sufficient relief from pain in this way.

Greenville, SC injury treatment center

Advanced Pain Management Techniques

When pain medications are not the right solution for car accident injury treatment in Greenville, SC, we use technology and the latest therapies. These may include:

  • Radiofrequency ablation – which involves applying weak electrical current to the nerves to prevent them from sending pain messages to the brain
  • Spinal cord stimulator – this therapy involves implanting a small device with electrodes to minimize pain
  • Nerve blocks – this procedure is applied locally to nerves in the area where you feel pain, to block their signals to the brain.


Injections are minimally invasive and often more effective than pills for chronic or intense pain. Depending on your injury, our doctors may recommend the following:

  • Joint injections
  • Epidural steroid injection
  • Trigger point injections.


Kyphoplasty involves injecting a special type of bone cement into the vertebrae in the spine. Many car accident victims suffer from crushed or broken vertebrae. This minimally invasive procedure will restore the vertebra, reduce pain, and promote faster healing.

The Doctors at Carolina Spine & Pain Centers Can Help You Recover!

We provide the best care for car accident victims. We are compassionate and use evidence-based car accident injury treatment in Greenville, SC. Together, we will help you get better and put the trauma of the accident behind you.

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