The Importance of Early Detection in Spinal Conditions

Nobody likes going to the doctor when you can take a pill and numb the pain. However, in the case of back and neck pain, this is a dangerous approach. Early detection of spinal conditions is essential to prevent a lot of serious complications.

At our Easley spine center, we can offer effective treatments that resolve many spinal problems in their initial stages. In later stages, these conditions can lead to chronic pain or even require surgery.

What Are the Most Common Spine Conditions that Require Early Detection?

The spine bears our weight while keeping us upright. It endures stress from the moment we stand up in the morning until we go to bed at night. This is why it is the body part that often shows signs of wear and tear sooner and in more painful ways.

The most common spine conditions we treat are:

What do these conditions have in common? They do not appear overnight. Patients experience the first jolts of pain or episodes of numbness and tingling for months, or even years, before they decide to schedule an appointment with our doctors.

Why Early Detection of Spinal Conditions Is Important 

With the exception of spinal injuries caused by trauma (a car accident, for example), all conditions of the spine are progressive. They start out as a minor issue and, without medical care, become more severe.

For comparison, imagine a small crack in the roof. If you call a contractor to repair it as soon as you notice it, the work will be completed in under an hour. If you ignore the crack, rain, wind, and snow will make it larger, until you need to replace a big portion of the roof.

The same is applicable to your health issues. Here is how early detection of spinal conditions helps you:

1. The Condition Can Be Pinpointed Faster

When spinal conditions reach an advanced stage, it takes a lot of diagnostic tests to identify the cause of your pain. The doctors at our Easley spine center may have to order X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to find out what exactly causes the negative symptoms you experience.

These tests are expensive and take time to be completed and correctly interpreted. This delays the moment when you start receiving treatment and find relief from pain.

back pain can be the symptom of severe conditions

2. The Chances of Resolving the Issue Are Greater

Studies show that early detection can help resolve even a complex problem such as scoliosis (an abnormal curvature of the spine). As the deterioration of the vertebrae and the discs between them advances, it is more difficult to restore their proper functioning.

At advanced stages, the patient’s options are limited: either managing pain continually or attempting to resolve the problem through very invasive and risky surgical procedures.

3. The Patient Can Recover Using Minimally Invasive Procedures

As noted just above, some advanced spinal conditions may be treated surgically – and there are no guarantees that the procedure will be successful. However, if you come to our spine center after the first episodes of pain, stiffness, or numbness, we can often effectively treat you using minimally invasive procedures.

These procedures are safe and have a high success rate among patients who start treatments in the early stage of their conditions. Thus, you can go back to your regular life and resume all your activities, including the hobbies you love.

4. Our Doctors Can Create a Long Term Preventive Care Plan

Besides treating the condition itself, early detection of spinal conditions allows our doctors to anticipate further problems you may have in the future. Thus, they can create a comprehensive plan to help prevent their occurrence. This may involve:

  • Recommending a healthier diet
  • Encouraging you to exercise every day
  • Helping you lose weight
  • Suggesting a healthier lifestyle, by giving up smoking.

These will help eliminate the most common risk factors for developing spine problems and offer you an increased quality of life.

Get Diagnosed as Soon as Possible at Our Easley Spine Center!

Spinal conditions will not go away if you ignore them and take over-the-counter painkillers. Instead, they will get worse, limiting your mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our Easley spine center as soon as you feel back pain and other negative symptoms, such as stiffness or numbness. Our doctors will diagnose you and create an effective personalized treatment plan.

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