Facet Blocks

Summary of Procedure: Facet Block

A facet block or facet joint block or injection is a minimally invasive procedure in which a physician administers an injection of local anesthetic and medication used to numb a facet joint and significantly alleviate or relieve pain entirely. Facet joints are found on both sides of back and neck vertebra and make motion possible, as well as create spinal stability and strength.

Facet joint blocks perform a variety of functions including aiding providers in determining the root cause of back or neck pain, providing long-term pain relief, decreasing inflammation, and helping patients complete Physical Therapy or other regenerative exercises.

During a facet joint block, the physician uses fluoroscopy to carefully direct the needle into the facet joint. Contrast fluid is typically used to enhance the physician’s view and ensure accurate placement of the medication.

Both anesthetic (such as lidocaine) and anti-inflammatory medication (oftentimes steroid or cortisone) are then injected into the facet joint. This procedure is typically brief and patients will receive a pressure bandage before leaving the procedure room.

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What to Expect Post-Procedure of a Facet Block

Some patients may experience mild tenderness at the area of needle placement for a day or two. Patients can apply an ice pack to the area and should avoid driving and strenuous activities and working out for at least a day.

Facet joint blocks can be very effective at relieving chronic pain. If the patient experiences significant pain relief, this procedure may be administered several times yearly for maximum effectiveness.

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