Greenville Chiropractor: My Neck Hurts After It Was Adjusted

Some people seek chiropractic care to ease their pain. Although chiropractic care ensures excellent results, there are times when you might feel pain after a chiropractic adjustment. Feeling soreness after a Greenville chiropractor adjusts your neck is perfectly normal. However, what about severe pain after a chiropractic adjustment?

This article will explain why your neck might be hurting after this procedure. We’ll also touch on the normal side effects of a chiropractic adjustment and what you shouldn’t expect. Let’s begin.

A Greenville Chiropractor Explains Why Your Neck Hurts After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Below are some common reasons why your body might respond in such an intense way. Note that the pain level usually depends on the initial cause of your neck pain.

  • It Rouses Your Under-Stimulated Muscles

When your vertebrae are misaligned, it affects which active and inactive muscles. Therefore, when you seek chiropractic care for neck pain, the initial adjustment realigns the vertebrae and affects stimulated and understimulated muscles.

Think of the neck adjustment as similar to exercising. When you exercise daily, you only get to use specific muscles while others aren’t being utilized. After a chiropractic adjustment, you start using the right muscles.

Therefore, if that hasn’t been the case for a while, it might come with some discomfort. However, post-chiropractic pain is similar to post-workout muscle pain; it usually subsides within 24-48 hours.

  • It Balances Over-Stimulated Muscles

When a Greenville chiropractor adjusts your neck, it also helps balance your muscles’ use. This means that you will not use the over-stimulated muscles as frequently. As a result, you might not feel as much soreness in these muscles.

Most times, patients feel relief in these muscles after a chiropractic adjustment. Although some soreness might come from these muscles after an adjustment, most of the soreness will come from the understimulated muscles. This is because they’re being used more often.

  • Your Body is Adjusting to Proper Alignment

The idea is for your body to be in alignment. Therefore, your body adjusts to the ideal position after a chiropractic adjustment, which could feel sore. On the other hand, your body might be used to being out of alignment, so it could take some time to adjust to the new alignment. Therefore, despite the pain, maintain your treatment plan to ensure the adjustment is long-term.

  • Your Body Has Been in Misalignment for a While

If your neck was misaligned for a long time, your body must have adjusted to the misalignment. Sometimes, you no longer feel pain when experiencing a misalignment. Misalignment is as common as a subluxation, and the body can get used to the incorrect posture quickly.

During a chiropractic adjustment, the vertebrae will readjust to the proper position for your blood vessels and nerves. The body would find it strange, and you might experience pain in the first 24-48 hours after the adjustment. The longer you’ve been misaligned, the more likely you will experience post-treatment soreness.

Can Chiropractic Adjustment Cause Damage?

Although you might feel post-treatment pain after visiting a chiropractor for an adjustment, it won’t damage your spine. The most severe complication you can get from chiropractic adjustments is worsening an existing disk herniation. However, they’re extremely rare. Therefore, chiropractors are professionally trained and will apply the proper treatment to your ailment.

Most times, your chiropractor will explain your post-treatment pain and how you can manage it. If you feel severe discomfort after a neck chiropractic adjustment, reach out to a Greenville chiropractor.

neck pain after visiting chiropractor

What Are Side Effects You Should Expect After a Greenville Chiropractor Adjustment?

Not all side effects are bad. Sometimes, these side effects signify that your chiropractic adjustment is working. However, note them down and inform your chiropractor on the next visit. Below are several side effects of a chiropractic adjustment.


Mild soreness is common after a chiropractic adjustment. Sometimes, your chiropractor might have to loosen the surrounding muscles before adjusting.

Doing this helps to improve the chances of movement. Therefore, the chances are that you’ll experience some soreness and aching afterward. The soreness isn’t long-term and usually reduces or goes away within 24-48 hours. However, if it is persistent, contact your Greenville chiropractor.


This is also quite normal after a chiropractic adjustment. It is similar to soreness and occurs when your chiropractor performs muscle work before the neck adjustment. However, it is usually minimal and not severe bruising.

Mild Cold-Like Symptoms:

You might start experiencing mild cold-like symptoms after a neck adjustment. It is pretty normal and isn’t contagious. These symptoms occur when your body releases toxins due to chiropractic care. It is a positive sign when it isn’t severe.

There are several other signs you might experience after visiting the chiropractor. The symptoms usually vary according to person. However, if you’re concerned about a symptom you’re experiencing after treatment, contact your chiropractor immediately.

Side Effects You Should Not Experience After a Chiropractic Adjustment

There are some side effects you shouldn’t feel after an adjustment. Below are some of them.

  • Speaking Trouble: Although muscle soreness is common after neck adjustment, you shouldn’t experience a loss of speech or trouble speaking. This is a sign of a major injury, and you should seek medical attention.
  • Sharp Pain With Movement: Another side effect that’s a red flag is experiencing sharp, shooting pain when you move your neck. This usually signifies a strain or misalignment. If you experience this, seek immediate medical care.
  • Loss of Movement: Apart from sharp pains, are you finding it difficult to move your neck or surrounding areas? Whether it’s your neck, arms, toes, or other parts of your body, you should never experience a loss of movement. Therefore, seek medical assistance when this happens.
  • Fainting: Some patients experience mild dizziness after chiropractic treatment, and that’s normal. However, you shouldn’t lose consciousness altogether. If this happens, bring it to your chiropractor’s attention even if you don’t feel it’s related to the adjustment.
  • Numbness: Just like a loss of movement, you shouldn’t experience a feeling of numbness in any part of your body. If you do, inform your chiropractor as it could be due to a nerve issue.

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Many symptoms could occur after a visit to the chiropractor. Most of the time, it’s completely harmless, but there are times when it could be a sign of severe medical issues. If you feel pain after a chiropractic adjustment, we provided some of the top reasons why you might be experiencing this. But if you need more information, visit our treatment center.

At Carolina Spine and Pain Center, we provide treatment plans unique to your needs. We’ll also discuss the side effects you might feel after a chiropractic adjustment. Our experts are available to answer any question you may have as our goal is your safety and well-being. So rather than keep searching for: an injury treatment center near me, contact us today.