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Suppose you are comfortably laying down on the couch and watching your favorite TV show. The doorbell rings and you try to get up and go towards the door. But alas; the moment you stand up, a searing pain goes through your spine. It is so painful that you can’t even take a step forward. The pain starts to radiate all over your back and it doesn’t seem to stop.

This may be a sign of a herniated disc. If you experience anything like this, you shouldn’t hesitate to call Carolina Spine & Pain. We offer comprehensive herniated disc treatment in Greenville, SC and we will make sure that the problem goes away sooner than later. Get in touch with our spine pain treatment team by calling 864-535-0144.

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What Is a Herniated Disc?

Your spine has 24 bones, known as vertebrae. There are soft jelly-like discs that cushion the vertebrae so that they don’t touch each other. The smooth movement of the discs allows you to bend over, walk properly, or run.

The problem starts when the jelly-like substance dries up and the discs start to slip. Once a disc starts slipping out of its place, it may irritate its surrounding nerves. This causes a tremendous amount of pain. Sometimes, it may feel as if someone is inserting a million needles in your back. The backache becomes so severe that the area may soon stop responding. It will feel numb and you will not have any other sensation apart from throbbing pain.

Factors That May Cause Herniated Discs

Your spine moves freely because of the rubbery cushions that sit between the vertebrae. They make it easier for you to move around or bend without experiencing pain. The problem starts when the rubbery exterior, also known as, the annulus, gets ruptured. In such cases, the nucleus, or the jelly-like substance pushes out from the ruptured area.

There is no specific disc that has a higher chance of getting ruptured if you have a herniated disc. Over time, your bone’s density will deteriorate and it may become brittle, allowing the annulus to break open.

Many factors contribute to a herniated disc. Apart from old age, a few other causes of this condition are as follows:

Physically-Demanding Jobs

If you are involved in a job that requires you to put constant pressure on your back, then there are high chances that you may have a herniated disc sooner or later. For example, if you carry sacks of cement, sand, or even rocks, it can take a toll on your back.

Repetitive pushing, pulling, bending sideways, twisting, or lifting heavy weights, all may contribute to rupturing your vertebrae. You should always be careful about these activities and contact a doctor immediately if you experience back pain. It is possible to avert herniated disc pain if we treat the backache in time.

Being Overweight

Being overweight puts more pressure on your back than you realize. You are constantly pushing your back to work more in order to move around smoothly. This eventually leads to a herniated disc as your back may not be able to take the added stress after some time.

Moreover, if you try to push or lift something too heavy, you may exert a tremendous amount of pressure that your back cannot deal with. For example, if you try to lift weights at the gym, it may rupture your vertebrae. That’s why fitness trainers ask overweight clients to start with free-hand exercises before moving to weight training.


Although a herniated disc is not a hereditary condition, your family’s genetics may contribute to this health problem. You inherit a predisposition of developing herniated disc at some point of time in your life. We always ask our clients whether they have anyone in their family who already has a herniated disc. This allows us to assess the condition better and accordingly provide the treatment that can deal with the enormous pain.

Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

In our experience, most cases of herniated discs take place in the lower back of the patient. However, we have also dealt with patients who had herniated discs around the neck region. We request you to assess the following symptoms before you call us:


A herniated disc can make you weak. You may not feel like getting up because of the constant backache. The nerves also become weak and ineffective. Even if you try to get up and walk, you may stumble after a few steps. The weakness becomes so intense that it literally becomes impossible to even lift a lightweight object.

Tingling or Numbness

The backache doesn’t limit itself to a specific place. It keeps radiating throughout your back and up and down your spine. Once the pain starts radiating throughout your spine, you will feel a tingling sensation. It’s as if someone is sending electric shocks at small intervals in your back.

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Leg or Arm Pain

In addition to backache, you may also experience pain in your hands and legs. It may start cramping your thighs first or your calf and buttocks. You may feel searing pain when you get up after sitting on a sofa for a long time. Make sure that you inform us about these symptoms so that we can diagnose the condition properly and provide effective treatment.

Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc

As already mentioned, we will first diagnose the reason for your herniated disc, assess the condition after a few tests, and then decide which treatment may be suitable for you. At Carolina Spine & Pain, we provide a range of treatments for herniated disc patients:

Since physically-demanding jobs may lead to a herniated disc, you can claim your worker’s compensation from your employer. If you are already working with a worker’s compensation lawyer in Greenville, we can provide proof of your herniated disc and the treatment you need to recover.

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