Medial Branch Block

Summary of Procedure: Medial Branch Block

A medial branch block is a minimally invasive treatment injection that helps alleviate pain for patients with facet joint syndrome and various other conditions affecting the facet joints. Pain signals are sent to the brain from medial branch nerves that come out of facet joints.

Intense discomfort and pain occur when medial branch nerves are compressed due to facet joints deteriorating or becoming damaged. Medial branch blocks help alleviate pain and inflammation by injecting a combination of a steroid medication and anesthetic into the damaged area.

Medial branch blocks are primarily used for diagnostic purposes. If chronic pain persists, your Carolina Spine and Pain Center physician may recommend a radiofrequency ablation, for more longer-lasting pain relief.

First, the physician will clean and numb the area. Then, the physician will use ultrasound guidance to administer the medial branch block into the correct area. Close communication with the patient regarding pain relief during this time will help the physician confirm that the procedure was a success.

Several injections may be necessary to give the patient ample pain relief.

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What to Expect Post-Procedure of a Medial Branch Block

Because medial branch blocks utilize anesthesia, the patient may need to secure a ride home. Once home, the patient is advised to rest and recover. Patients are usually instructed to avoid any rigorous and strenuous activities for at least 24 hours post-procedure.

After the anesthetic has worn off, the patient may experience an increase in pain at the injection site. Your physician should be able to help you make a pain management plan to mitigate the pain that may still exist after the procedure, including over-the-counter pain relievers.

This is to be expected, as the steroid takes a few days to take effect. Once the steroid has taken effect, the patient can expect pain relief lasting a few weeks to a few months. Contact your physician immediately if you experience a fever, rash, swelling, increased pain or any sign of infection near the injection site.

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