Medication Management

Summary of Service: Medication Management

Medication Management is an ongoing pain or injury recovery strategy that allows qualified physicians to assist patients in creating a pain management and injury recovery plan that considers their specific medical needs and medication experiences.

The goal of managing medication is to provide pain and injury patients with a comprehensive understanding of their health conditions and the full effects of the medication that may be prescribed to treat them.

Physicians at Carolina Spine & Pain Centers will provide information to the patient regarding medication success rates and side effects and work together with the patient to ensure a thorough and monitored medication-related recovery plan with any necessary changes made and documented along the way.

Medication management services may be utilized independently or alongside surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures, or physical therapy. It is critical that injured patients seek assistance with managing their medications is to avoid any harmful interactions with their other prescribed medications. As well as to avoid experiencing prolonged medication side effects that could be avoided with another medication.

A physician will also ensure that the patient’s medication plan takes into account his or her medical and prescription history, health conditions, concerns, and experience with different types of medication to ensure that the medication management plan is an ideal fit for the patient’s health needs and lifestyle.

During an initial consultation, a Carolina Spine & Pain Center physician will meet with the patient to gather information on the patient’s health condition, the recovery process, and medical history to create an initial plan for management of the client’s medication.

The patient will be provided with suitable prescriptions and given written instructions on how to self-administer any prescribed medications. The physician may ask questions or conduct short tests to determine which medications are necessary for the patient’s treatment plan.

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What to Expect with Medication Management

After the appointment, the patient is sent home with a medication plan specifically tailored for their personal history and needs. Patients are expected to follow the treatment plan and call their medication management physician with any questions, concerns, or updates regarding medication side effects.

The physician and patient will schedule a follow-up appointment for a few weeks after the initial appointment to review the patient’s recovery process and discuss and document any changes that need to be made to the medication management plan.

Throughout this ongoing process, the medication management service providers will work closely with pharmacists and consultants to ensure the medication plan is the best possible fit for the patient. The purpose of medication management is to optimize the safe and healthy recovery of the patient.

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