The Science Behind Pain Management Treatments Explained

One of the key goals of the doctors at our Lexington pain center is to improve our patients’ quality of life. It is not always possible to resolve the core condition that causes chronic pain. But we have effective, safe, and long-term solutions for pain management, which help our patients live an active and fulfilling pain.

Let us discuss some of the most common treatments and how they work. But first, a few words about the benefits of choosing a pain management center.

The Role of a Pain Management Doctor in the Patient’s Life

Pain management means more than just numbing pain and making it go away for a while. Our integrated approach aims to help patients:

  • Develop skills to cope with pain
  • Get over the fear of being active
  • Improve functionality in the body part affected by pain
  • Have an effective long-term treatment plan that they feel comfortable with.

We know that pain is extremely debilitating, both physically and mentally, and we are here to help everyone feel better and enjoy every day.

The Most Effective Pain Management Treatments: How Do They Work?

In order to understand how pain treatments work, let us have a look at what pain means. It is a symptom that something is wrong in your body. Every part inside of us is controlled by nerves, which ultimately lead to the brain.

The nerves contain elements called the pain receptors, which send a signal to the brain in case of injury or any other problem in the area they control. The brain receives this signal and translates it into the pain you feel.

Thus, one of the most effective ways of managing chronic pain is by blocking the signals that the pain receptors send to the brain. Our doctors can achieve this in several ways.

Medication Management

In some cases, patients respond well to a combination of drugs. Our doctors will determine the type of medication and the effective dosage so that:

  • Your pain is managed effectively
  • Your body does not develop tolerance to the drug
  • The drugs do not interfere with any medication you may be taking.

we create a personalized treatment plan for pain

We use a combination of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, after performing a complete medical evaluation to identify any potential allergies and intolerance to specific medications.

Nerve Blocks

The doctors at our Lexington pain center often recommend nerve blocks for pain management. These are injections containing anesthetic substances delivered close to the nerve group that sends the pain signal.

Usually, nerve blocks also contain an anti-inflammatory substance, which can help the injured area recover from trauma faster.

Radiofrequency Ablation

This treatment for chronic pain involves applying a weak electric current to the painful area. The current will prevent the nerves from sending pain signals.

The procedure is safe and effective in several types of chronic pain in the neck and lower back, especially those caused by degenerative spine conditions. Studies show that the pain-suppressing effects of this procedure can last for at least one year.


This minimally invasive procedure involves injecting a special type of cement to stabilize the spine. It is often necessary in the case of vertebra fractures caused by advanced osteoporosis.

Spinal Cord Stimulator

The spinal cord stimulator implant is a long-term solution for patients who suffer from intense chronic pain and who do not qualify for procedures that would resolve the problem.

The doctor will set the intensity of the stimulator by asking the patient to indicate the level that provides complete relief before completing the minimally invasive procedure.

The Doctors at Our Lexington Pain Center Are Ready to Help You!

Living with pain is exhausting, both mentally and physically. But you do not have to endure this. The doctors at our Lexington pain center will create a personalized pain management plan for you, which is both safe and effective in the long term.

Your pain-free life is one phone call away, so get in touch with us at 864-535-0144 to schedule an initial appointment!