Slipped Discs: What Kind of Help does a Chiropractor Give?

Slipped discs are usually seen as a part of the aging process. Although this is true, it doesn’t mean you have to live with the pain and reduced mobility that comes with the condition. So, if you or someone you love suffers from a slipped disc, you might wonder if chiropractic care in Greenville would help you decrease the pain and prevent future issues.

This article will explore slipped discs and how a skilled chiropractor can help you recover and improve your overall health. For the best non-invasive treatment in Greenville, SC, contact Carolina Spine and Pain Centers.

What Is a Slipped Disc?

Your spine is composed of several bones stacked on each other. These bones form your spinal column. Most times, people discuss the vertebrae in the spinal column in terms of the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar spine.

There are about seven vertebrae in the cervical spine, five in the lumbar spine, and twelve in the thoracic spine. Each of these vertebrae has a cushion between them, and they act as shock absorbers. This cushioning protects the vertebrae from the stress caused by everyday activities like jumping, walking, twisting, lifting, and other jarring movements.

The cushioning discs are soft and gelatinous within and protected by a tough outer ring. Once this outer ring is damaged, the tender inner part of the disc is exposed and referred to as a slipped disc. If this disc presses into one of the spinal nerves, you’ll experience pain or numbness.

A slipped disc could occur anywhere within your spinal column, but it is most common in the lower back. If you have a slipped disc, some symptoms you would notice include a tingling sensation, pain, unexplained muscle weakness, and numbness.

The spine aids in motion; therefore, slipped discs could result from wear and tear. One of the things that could cause slipped discs is intense manual labor. Other causes include poor weightlifting, poor posture, and even a sedentary lifestyle.

How Are Slipped Discs Treated?

Most times, treatment for slipped discs are determined by how much pain you’re experiencing and how far the disc slipped. In most cases, an exercise program, pain reliever, or chiropractic care in Greenville can help to strengthen the surrounding back muscle, effectively solving the issue.

Chiropractic adjustments are safe, effective, and a non-invasive treatment solution for slipped discs. It helps to align the vertebrae properly so the muscles in the back start to support the vertebrae properly, causing the injury to heal. However, in some cases, extensive damage is already done, and it’s crucial to undergo surgery to fix the slipped disc so that healing can occur properly.

How Chiropractic Care in Greenville Can Help to Fix Slipped Discs 

Surgery is invasive, quite expensive, and results in a long recovery. Additionally, over-the-counter drugs might come with harmful side effects and addiction in the long run.

On the other hand, chiropractic care in Greenville offers an individualized program focused on long-term health. It’s minimally invasive, natural, and cost-effective.

Not only is chiropractic care for slipped discs worth exploring, but a chiropractor would also provide you with invaluable insight into your health. A chiropractor conducts a full physical examination and discusses all the possible treatment options available to you.

Some of the treatments available through chiropractic care include:

  • Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is a popular chiropractic treatment and can be carried out manually or through unique handheld tools that apply more pressure but in a more evenly dispersed way. A chiropractor is well-trained in providing spinal adjustments. The pressure adjusted during spinal manipulation is based on specific patients’ needs.

Each slipped disc case is different, and the manipulation depends on where the disc is located and the extent of the damage. Resetting the vertebrae is crucial for restoring spinal integrity. You might experience relief during the spinal manipulations due to a shift of the protruding disc material and an increased flexibility within the affected area from the pressure applied.

  • Flexion Distraction

Another way chiropractors treat slipped discs, and their symptoms are flexion distraction. This technique is performed with a specially designed table to stretch and isolate the affected part of the spine. Flexion distraction involves little pumping motions to minimize inflammation, increase disc height and shift the disc material.

  • Pelvic Blocking Techniques

Another way chiropractic care in Greenville can help treat slipped discs is through pelvic blocking. This chiropractic treatment is carried out with cushioned wedges between each pelvis.

Additionally, specific exercises can be part of the approach to slipped disc treatment. For example, the exposed disc material would gradually move away from nearby nerve roots through this technique.

  • Lifestyle Changes

Finding the main cause of the slipped disc is crucial to the treatment process. A chiropractor could create a custom exercise program to strengthen key muscles in the body. This program could also include postural and nutritional advice.

Lifestyle improvements are essential in ensuring long-term wellness. By realigning the vertebrae, your chiropractor will help you gain regular motion to your spine and take pressure off your discs and nerves to help relieve your symptoms. The goal of chiropractic care is to restore spinal alignment and shape.

These chiropractic treatments help the spine move and function appropriately. It also helps to prevent additional changes to the spine. As a result, you can often avoid spinal surgery by opting for a chiropractic care plan as long as the damage isn’t too severe.

How Long Does Chiropractic Treatment Take to Show Result?

Unless the symptoms are severe or life-threatening, it’s essential to consider different chiropractic treatments before opting for surgery. The time it takes for results from chiropractic treatment to appear depends on the treatment. It could take months to enjoy the full benefit of chiropractic treatment. However, in some cases, you can begin to experience relief immediately or within weeks.

Slipped discs tend to heal slowly, and therefore, it’s important to note that even when you feel better immediately, there’s a need for several sessions to correct the cause of the issue and strengthen your spine. This helps to prevent the problem from happening again.

You can also seek chiropractic care in Greenville if you’re experiencing back or neck pain. Again, this is because it is easier to take care of your spine and prevent slipped discs than treat them afterward.

Do You Have Slipped Discs? Get Chiropractic Care in Greenville Today

Slipped discs can cause many issues, even when you’re unaware you’re suffering from one. If you experience symptoms of slipped discs and the pain persists despite home treatments and medication, you should seek chiropractic care in Greenville, SC.

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