Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Spartanburg, SC

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the United States. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, 2.35 million people are injured every year as a result of car accidents. An auto accident can leave you with long-term and debilitating injuries, which can completely alter your life and lower your quality of life. Seeking early and proper medical treatment after a crash is crucial to ensuring quick recovery and preventing more serious complications.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, we can help. At Carolina Spine & Pain Center in Spartanburg, SC, we specialize in helping people injured in car accidents recover quickly and resume their normal lives. Depending on your situation and the extent of your injuries, we will create a custom treatment plan to cater to your specific needs. Call us today at 864-535-0144 to learn more about our auto accident injury treatment in Spartanburg and to schedule an appointment.

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What Are the Steps I Should Take Following a Car Accident?

After being involved in an accident, it is important to know what steps to take in order to protect both your health and legal rights. So, here is what you need to do immediately after an accident.

Contact Police

The law in South Carolina requires that you report an accident immediately to the police or the South Carolina Highway Patrol if the accident involves injury or death. However, it is important that you always contact the police whenever you are involved in an accident, even if it seems minor.

The police will prepare an official police report and collect the contact information of all parties involved. The police report will serve as a crucial part of the evidence later on if you choose to raise a claim.

Check on Other Involved Parties (Do Not Leave)

As you wait for the police, assess your surroundings for any additional safety issues and check on others involved in the accident. Provide assistance to others as needed. If anyone is in need of immediate medical attention, call for emergency services or ask someone to call for help.

You should never attempt to flee or leave the scene, even if you are not at fault for the accident. You can be hit with criminal charges.

Exchange Info

The law requires that you provide your contact and insurance information to the other driver and they do the same. Ensure you collect the following information from the other driver.

  • Full name and contact information
  • Insurance company and policy number
  • Driver’s license and license plate number
  • Type, color, and model of vehicle

Preferably, this should be your only communication with the driver. You should avoid discussing fault or details of the accident with the other driver.

Record the Scene

If you are able to, use your smartphone camera to take as many photos and videos of the scene as you can. You’ll want to preserve as much evidence as possible. Take photos of any visible injuries you may have sustained, damages to the vehicles, skid marks, and so on.

Also, note down any important details that may help to prove your case. Don’t forget to collect the names and contact details of any witnesses present at the scene of the accident.

Never Admit Fault

You shouldn’t apologize or admit fault for anything, even if you think you are the one at fault. Remember, the only way to determine fault is through a comprehensive investigation. Apologizing or admitting fault jeopardizes your chances of securing maximum compensation. So, just let the insurance adjusters and attorneys do their work.

Seek Medical Attention

This step is crucial not only for your health but also for your personal injury case. Early medical treatment helps to speed up your recovery and prevents minor injuries from causing severe complications. In addition, getting medical treatment ensures that your injuries are documented by a licensed medical professional.

At Carolina Spine & Pain, we provide top-quality auto accident injury treatment in Spartanburg, SC.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer!

It is always a smart move to get an attorney involved as soon as possible after a car accident. An attorney will offer expert legal advice, ensure all the paperwork is filed properly and on time, and handle all communication and negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf.

With an attorney, you have the best chances of securing maximum compensation. They have experience with the law, know exactly how much your case is worth, have excellent negotiation skills, and have access to all the resources necessary to ensure to build a strong case for you. In addition, they have experience handling cases in court if a favorable settlement agreement can’t be reached.

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What Are Some of the Common Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident?

Car accidents can lead to a wide range of physical injuries both minor and severe. Virtually any part or area of the body can be damaged in a car accident. However, soft tissue injuries including sprains and strains are the most common types of car accident injuries followed by cuts and bruises. With that being said, here are some of the common injuries in car accidents:

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are a collection of injuries affecting your cervical spine (the section of the spine running from the base of the skull to the top of your shoulders). Some of the common neck injuries in car accidents include slipped or herniated disc, cervical Spondylolisthesis, neck sprain or strain, pinched nerve, and facet joint injury. These types of injuries are accompanied by symptoms like pain and tenderness, fatigue, dizziness, and reduced range of motion.

Back Injuries

Back injuries refer to any injury affecting the spinal column, specifically the lumbar vertebrae (lower back) and thoracic vertebrae (upper back). Common types of back injuries in car accidents include herniated disc, bulging disc, facet joint injury, fractured vertebrae, and lumbar sprains and strains.


Concussions are often considered a mild type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) since they are non-life-threatening, however, the symptoms of a concussion can be quite serious. Concussions are associated with symptoms like dizziness, headaches, temporary memory loss, confusion, and loss of consciousness. It is important to note that the symptoms of a concussion may take time to manifest.

Broken Ribs

Broken ribs and chest injuries are also common in car accidents. These types of injuries often occur when the body collides with the dashboard, steering wheel, airbag, or seatbelt. Broken ribs can lead to punctured lungs, a condition that requires urgent medical care.

Soft Tissue Injuries

As noted, soft tissue injuries are the most prevalent type of injury suffered in car accidents. Keep in mind that soft tissues including muscles, tendons, and ligaments make up half the human body. Soft tissue injuries can be classified into four groups depending on the soft tissue affected and the extent of damage: whiplash, sprains, strains, and tears.

Broken/Dislocated Bones

The force of impact from a crash can cause a bone in a certain part of the body to fracture or dislocate. Broken bones can be found in the wrists, arms, ribs, legs, and ankles. In major car accidents, a passenger may suffer a broken pelvis.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder, simply known as PTSD, is a mental type of injury. It causes survivors to suffer intense fear, horror, and helplessness even long after the accident. They may experience flashbacks and nightmares. People suffering from PTSD after a car accident can get extremely stressed when in a car. Common symptoms of PTSD include irritability, hypervigilance, anxiety, and depression.

Psychological Distress

In the aftermath of a car accident, you can experience a rollercoaster of unwanted emotions including anxiety, depression, and guilt.

Pain & Suffering

Car accident injuries can leave you dealing with an immense amount of pain during the healing period and suffering as you try to cope with the changes and the new situation you find yourself in. Your personal and professional can become completely disrupted leading to additional suffering.

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Should I Go to the ER or Carolina Spine and Pain Following a Car Accident?

It is imperative that you visit the ER immediately after a car accident, preferably on the same day of the accident. While this is obvious if you’ve suffered a serious injury, you should note that some serious internal injuries may not manifest immediately. The ER will be well equipped to identify any and all hidden injuries following the accident and offer initial treatment.

Once you’ve visited an ER and had your injuries thoroughly checked, you should then visit Carolina Spine and Pain for follow-up care and further treatment. This will be crucial to speed up your recovery and help you to better cope with your injuries and symptoms.

How Can Carolina Spine and Pain Help My Injuries?

Our team has decades of combined experience in treating victims of car accidents. Here are some of the benefits of our auto accident injury treatment in Spartanburg, SC.

Help With Managing Pain

As noted earlier, injuries from a car accident can lead to intense and debilitating pain. We will recommend pain management treatments designed to help provide relief from pain, reduce inflammation and improve your quality of life.

Increasing Mobility

Through different physiotherapy techniques including physical exercises and manual therapy, we can help to strengthen weakened muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your back to help you regain your mobility.

Preventing Long-Term Damage

Car accident injuries can cause lingering damage to the body including chronic pain, inability to walk, and migraines. However, by committing to physical therapy early enough, you can effectively prevent long-lasting damage to the body.

How Can Seeking Medical Attention Help Me With My Personal Injury Case?

Besides ensuring your health and wellbeing, there is another important reason why you will want to seek medical attention as soon as possible after your accident: to support your personal injury claim. Here’s how getting medical treatment helps with your personal injury case:

Documenting the Link Between Your Accident and Injuries

Establishing the fact that your injuries were a direct result of the car accident is a crucial element of car accident personal injury claims. Seeking medical treatment immediately after the accident will help strengthen your claim that your injuries were caused by the accident. So, the sooner you seek medical treatment the better it will be for your case.

Documenting the Extent of Your Injuries

Besides establishing that your injuries were caused by the accident, seeking medical treatment helps to document the extent of your injuries. From diagnostic tests to imaging tests, and expert evaluations, you will have a wealth of evidence to prove the full extent of your injuries and seek maximum compensation.

Begin Your Recovery With Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Spartanburg, SC!

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a car accident, don’t wait to get the help you need. Get in touch with the professional health team at Carolina Spine & Pain Center today and let us get you on the path to a quick recovery. We have helped many other car accident victims fully heal through our specially tailored treatment programs, we can do the same for you. Don’t let your car injuries hold your life back any longer, call us today at 864-535-0144 to schedule an appointment with us.

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