Vertebroplasty (Kyphoplasty)

Summary of Procedure: Vertebroplasty (Kyphoplasty)

Vertebroplasty, or “vertebral augmentation” is a minimally invasive procedure designed for people suffering from painful spinal compression fractures. Spinal compression fractures left untreated can result in depression, intense pain, breathing difficulties, limited mobility, and in rare instances, premature death.

Vertebroplasties are ideal for treating compression fractures because they can be performed in a short period of time, have low risk for complications, and provide instant pain relief and bone stabilization.

A kyphoplasty is very similar to a vertebroplasty except that it utilizes a special tool. Kyphoplasty is performed when under conscious sedation and entails inserting a small balloon into the damaged vertebrae to deliver a cement-like material.

The objective is to repair bone height and lessen the risk of spinal deformity. The cement-like substance solidifies the fragile bone fracture and allows the soft inner bone of the vertebrae to both heal and strengthen.

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What to Expect Post-Procedure of a Vertebroplasty

Time length of the procedure depends on how many vertebrae need to be repaired. If only one vertebra needs to be repaired, the procedure can be performed in one hour or less. If more than one needs to be repaired, the procedure can last up to a few hours.

Regardless of procedure time, the patient is usually able to resume typical day-to-day activities before long. Speak to your Carolina Spine and Pain Center physician about kyphoplasty if you are experiencing moderate to severe back pain.

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