Treatment for Degenerative Conditions in Spartanburg, SC

Degenerative diseases affect millions of individuals globally. Fortunately, some degenerative conditions and diseases are curable. It is worth mentioning that specific degenerative conditions are not yet curable. Still, there are several treatment options designed to relieve the symptoms of patients with incurable degenerative diseases to improve their quality of life.

The treatment and management of degenerative conditions are complex, requiring various programs and services to help those with degenerative conditions function. Carolina Spine & Pain is the best place to get treatment for degenerative conditions in Spartanburg, SC.

Our Spartanburg pain management clinic has a team of interdisciplinary doctors, chiropractors, nurses, and pharmacists. We offer our patients the most advanced medical practices and different treatment options for degenerative conditions.

We will run a diagnosis to determine the type and cause of your degenerative condition, as it allows us to accord you the proper treatment. If you suffer from a degenerative disease, call 864-535-0144 to book an appointment and let us help.

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What Are Degenerative Conditions?

Degenerative conditions are medical conditions that cause your organs or tissue to deteriorate gradually. There are different degenerative conditions, and most of them come with age or instead worsen as one grows older. Degenerative conditions are categorized into neoplastic, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

Diseases affecting the nervous system include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Neoplastic diseases include cancer and tumors, while some common cardiovascular diseases are myocardial infarction, coronary disease, and hypertension.

It is worth mentioning that while Carolina Spine & Pain treats various degenerative conditions, we do not treat cardiovascular or Alzheimer’s disease.

We specialize in conditions that impact the neck, joints, and spinal column. A few common examples include degenerative disc disease, arthritis, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, and spinal stenosis.

What Are the Symptoms of Degenerative Conditions and Diseases of Joints, Discs, Bones, and Nerves?

Degenerative diseases symptoms vary greatly, with each disease having a different set of symptoms. Besides, some degenerative diseases will not show symptoms in the early stages. For instance, cancer does not display any symptoms in the early stages until the malignant tumor grows. Although symptoms vary, note that some symptoms may be common in most degenerative diseases.

Here are the types of symptoms associated with degenerative conditions and diseases of joints, discs, bones, and nerves:

  • Formation of bone spurs around the affected joints
  • Grating sensation while using the joints
  • Severe pain in the joints
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Limited range of movement
  • Severe inflammation
  • Deformed joints
  • Pinched nerves – pain, numbness, or weakness in an arm or leg
  • Pain in both legs
  • Paraesthesia – burning, tingling (as pins, needles sensation), or numbness in the buttocks, legs, or foot
  • Pain with specific movements, usually bending forward or twisting
  • Intensified pain with prolonged sitting, bending, sneezing, or coughing
  • Weakness in one or both legs
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control (note that this is rare).

What Are Some Causes of Degenerative Conditions And Diseases?

Different factors can cause degenerative diseases. Some of the factors causing degenerative diseases result from an unhealthy lifestyle or poor health, while others result from the body’s normal wear and tear. One of the significant risk factors of degenerative diseases is aging. Genetics plays a major role in many degenerative conditions.

Other common causes of degenerative diseases and conditions include:

  • Spinal deformities such as Scoliosis or curvature of the spine
  • Metabolic disorders such as hemochromatosis
  • Joint abnormalities or disorders
  • Obesity
  • Sport or accident-related injuries
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Overuse of joints
  • Bone disorders
  • Post-trauma conditions
  • Heavy or incorrect lifting
  • Repetitive twisting movements
  • Smoking.

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How Does Carolina Spine & Pain Treat Pain From Degenerative Conditions?

Most degenerative diseases are usually discovered when a patient logs a primary complaint like chronic pain that requires close examination. Carolina Spine & Pain offers a range of options when it comes to treatment for degenerative conditions in Spartanburg, SC.

Some of the types of treatments we offer include:

Medication Management

Medication usually comes in handy as a form of treatment for degenerative conditions and diseases. Medication management is a form of outpatient treatment where a patient is evaluated, diagnosed, and provided with either prescription medication or over-the-counter medication. We often monitor how the medication works for the patient.

For instance, what are the side effects? And we will also adjust the medication depending on how the patient is reacting. We take a personalized approach at Carolina Spine & Pain because we understand that individuals respond differently to medication. What works for a patient may not necessarily work for a different patient.

We offer patients prescription medication to help manage their symptoms or treat the disease. According to Healthy Policy Institute, around 66% of adults in the United States take prescription medicines. Carolina Spine & Pain offers prescription medication depending on your condition. It is worth mentioning that a prescription drug is legally required to be prescribed by a professional health care provider to treat a specific medical condition.

On the other hand, over-the-counter drugs typically do not require a legal prescription. Generally, they are used to manage mild to moderate pain. According to an NCBI study, 78.9% of individuals take over-the-counter drugs. However, it is not advisable to constantly take over-the-counter medicines whenever you experience mild pain. It will be best to visit a medical facility to receive proper treatment and medication.

If you have been experiencing persistent pain, call us 864-535-0144 and let us run a diagnosis, then offer you the proper treatment and care. After all, degenerative conditions may not display any symptoms in the initial stage. The sooner you let our professional physicians at Carolina spine & pain take a look at you, the easier it may be to treat you.

Radiofrequency Ablation (Lumbar Spine/Cervical spine)

Radiofrequency ablation involves the use of an electric current to heat an area of nerve tissue, preventing it from sending any form of pain signals to your body. Through radiofrequency ablation, individuals suffering from chronic pain can get lasting relief, especially in their arthritic joints, neck, and lower back.

Before we perform radiofrequency ablation on you, we will first give you intravenous medication to help you relax. Next, you lie on your back or stomach on an x-ray table so we can numb part of your skin with local anesthesia. We then insert a thin needle in the area you are experiencing pain. Next, we insert a microelectrode through the needle and send a small radiofrequency current via the electrode to heat the specific nerve tissue.

Radiofrequency ablation is a pretty straightforward procedure, and you may well be on your way home after the procedure. Carolina Spine & Pain uses this technique to treat different degenerative conditions like malignant and benign tumors. Overall, it is a very minimally invasive procedure.

Nerve Blocks

Carolina Spine & Pain uses nerve blocks to manage and treat a group of nerves causing pain to a specific body region or organ. We inject medication into that particular area to block these nerves. Fundamentally, a nerve block is a nerve-numbing injection substance.

It is worth mentioning there are different nerve blocks, and we use them for various purposes. The different types of nerve blocks include preemptive nerve blocks, prognostic nerve blocks, diagnostic nerve blocks, and therapeutic nerve blocks.

We use the nerve blocks treatment technique to prevent or manage different forms of pain our patients may be facing.

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Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal cord stimulators are a fairly new treatment technique designed to treat chronic pain, especially when the injury is irreparable. Some degenerative diseases can be pretty painful, and sometimes, their treatment may be painful. A spinal cord stimulator is an implanted device directly sending low electricity levels into your spinal cord.

At Carolina Spine & Pain, we employ a spinal cord stimulator to manage or treat chronic pain. This includes cancer-related pain, injuries to the spinal cord, nerve-related pain, back pain, and more. Ultimately, the goal of this treatment technique is to help you live your best pain-free life.


Carolina Spine & Pain uses injections to deliver medication into a patient’s body, including bone, skin, muscle, or veins. It is worth stating there are different types of injections available. It all depends on the purpose behind you getting the injection. Depending on your degenerative condition and current situation, we will decide what route is the most appropriate to access.

A study by NCBI showed that the general annual injection rate for lumbar degenerative patients ranges between 9.84% to 10.18%. A lot of injections come with a syringe and needle. However, the injection you get will depend on why you require one.

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery is a surgical branch involving diagnosing and treating congenital deformities, diseases, and injuries. Therefore, orthopedic surgery deals with nerves, tendons, muscles, joints, and bones disorders.

Our team of orthopedic surgeons at Carolina Spine & Pain uses the latest technology and techniques to improve care for our patients. You can rest knowing that we will work closely with you every step of the way from the diagnosis through the treatment stage. We have expertise in all areas of orthopedic surgery.

Our specialists use orthopedic surgery to treat degenerative diseases if need be to ensure our patients experience relief. According to the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons), 90% of individuals who get a knee replacement experience significantly reduced pain. A surgical procedure may be just what you need to regain some form of normalcy in your life. Call us 864-535-0144 and let us help you get back to your daily activities.


The kyphoplasty treatment at Carolina Spine & Pain is a minimally invasive surgery to treat a spinal cord compression fracture. Usually, a spinal cord compression fracture occurs in your spinal vertebrae when it is weakened by osteoporosis. These fractures commonly occur in one’s lumbar spine or thoracic spine area.

At Carolina Spine & Pain, we employ kyphoplasty treatment to minimize the fracture’s pain stabilize your vertebrae, and restore it to its standard height. Kyphoplasty is a pretty straightforward procedure, and our patients can go home once we are through with the procedure.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic manipulation or chiropractic adjustment is a standard treatment Carolina Spine & Pain uses to treat lower back pain. An NCCIH study shows that when it comes to treating lower back pain, chiropractic techniques are 40% more effective than using medical care alone. Ideally, a chiropractic adjustment involves our chiropractor applying manipulation strategically and carefully to your spinal joint.

Our chiropractic adjustment treatment procedure is meant to improve the physical function of your body and your spine’s motion. A Statistic by NCBI shows that a regular visit to the chiropractor can reduce your pharmaceutical costs by up to 85%. Most individuals usually seek a chiropractic adjustment to minimize lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Whatever the case may be, call us 864-535-0144 and let us help reduce your pain through a chiropractic adjustment.

Get Advanced Treatment for Degenerative Conditions in Spartanburg, SC!

While some degenerative diseases and conditions are curable, you can only receive treatment to manage the pain for others. Having a degenerative condition or disease can substantially reduce your quality of life. You may not spend quality time with your loved ones or even indulge in everyday activities. It can be difficult to identify if you have a degenerative disease because most of them will only show symptoms when the disease has progressed.

That said, make sure to visit a physician and get a diagnosis whenever you feel something is off in your body instead of taking over-the-counter drugs. At Carolina Spine & Pain, we understand that living with a degenerative disease or condition can be challenging. Our team ensures we give you the proper personalized treatment for your disease. Once we create a treatment plan for you, we will monitor how you react to medicine and adjust the plan accordingly.

The experienced and compassionate doctors at Carolina Spine & Pain work to make our patients’ lives as easy as possible. We work with you every step of the way to ensure we improve your quality of life and make the pain bearable. To learn more about our treatment for degenerative conditions in Spartanburg, SC, call us at 864-535-0144 today.

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